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WELCOME                                                      (CONTINUED)

      In short, all economic indicators are pointing towards extreme difficult economic times ahead for both
      our ‘time honored institutions’ like yours, and the membership that supports and helps to sustain the
      various initiatives, that your Community-Based Institution has historically been providing, and in some
      cases, critically, towards the overall viability and wellbeing of our valued collective communities.

      This short narrative communication process does not adequately afford me with the necessary
      expansive time to justifiably detail all the many great features and benefits that we have built into the

      AAC online marketing community. However, we do hope that our E-Book that we are sharing with you,
      will ignite your curiosity enough, that it will spark your interest into further exploring just how actually
      your Community Based Institution can benefit economically or otherwise from this AAC initiative, by
      not only just generating a viable income revenue stream for your organization, but equally more
      importantly and simultaneously proving a “real” income opportunity for your membership and

      Therefore, in the meantime, I will be looking forward, in anticipation, towards the period of time when
      we will truly be able to come together, and work collectively, within this dynamic economic initiative,
      which was developed to support and sustain the economic needs of our valued community-based
      institutions and organizations, especially during these most challenging and difficult economic times in
      our Nation. Also, please understand that this AAC business development and collective marketing and
      consumer shopping platform, although created by “us” is ultimately designed to be owned by “you”
      who supports and values it. We are truly pioneering the way for a realistic shared prosperity in
      America for our People, and we look forward to working with you in this historical game-changing

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