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      Greetings, my Community Based Institution.

      My name is Charles Bowlds, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our E-Book
      that is a compilation of the most researched and funded economic based project, ever designed for us
      and by us, and is the most comprehensive solution, ever created for the purpose of providing us with a
      new and innovative economic platform, which was engineered to unite all aspects of our economic
      initiatives, immersed within a single one stop destination and established upon an operational
      foundation and regulatory principle of engagement, regardless of our various unique cultural, social

      and Faith Based ideological differences, or concerns.

      Regardless of whether you utilize our historical research, or just apply your own common-sense
      evaluation, all of these methods will clearly demonstrate that our theological, political and
      philosophical ideologies have sometimes, possibly prevented us from truly possessing a unified
      economic solution that would ensure a real, sustainable and comprehensive solution towards
      resolving the economic problems and disparities that have historically plagued and hampered our
      collective economic progress.

      Through numerous research trials, conducted through proto-types and our substantial financial capital
      investment, which currently totals about a half a million dollars, the AAC solution has subsequently
      engineered and designed the first viable economic platform, using an advanced Internet technology,
      which by design, will sustain, economically, all facets of our collective communities with you, our
      honorable Community-Based Institution, valiantly leading the way!

      There is an old saying that says, “when America catches a cold, Black America gets pneumonia.” Well,
      as you probably already know, today all aspects throughout our collective communities are faced with
      severe economic uncertainty, as inflation takes its toll on the cost of groceries, along with other

      numerous rising prices, many of which will eventually have an increased cost factor, overwhelmingly
      effecting all petroleum base related products inevitably, throughout the entire general marketplace.

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