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                                                ABOUT THE


                                              Mr. Bowlds has been a lifelong, self-employed entrepreneur. He
                                              has several decades of entrepreneurial experience, operating
   CHARLES BOWLDS                             various businesses within the general marketplace. During these

   FOUNDER, THE AFRICAN                       many years of engaging within those various business initiatives,
   AMERICAN CONNECTION                        Mr. Bowlds realized that there was a real, serious void in the
                                              market for African American business growth and development,
                                              mainly due to racial prejudices and unequal business development
                                              opportunities for African Americans. This awareness and the
                                              desire to seek a realistic and viable solution to this challenging
         25 years of research                 problem, especially in the area of new retail and commercial
         250k in investments                  enterprise growth, eventually led Mr. Bowlds to the realization that
         Created for us and by us!
                                              there was a serious need for a new, innovative system which
                                              would enable African Americans, who are seeking to own and
                                              operate a successful enterprise within the general market, to have
                                              a creative plan to circumvent what had historically proven to be
                                              the biggest obstacle towards a successful avenue for real,

                                              sustainable economic business growth, within the general
                                              marketplace, for African Americans, was primarily hampered by
                                              overt racism and other hidden discrimination and discriminatory
                                              policies against African American business enterprises, and
                                              therefore also discouraging those individuals desirous of pursuing
                                              new entrepreneurial engagements.

    As Founder and CEO of the African American Connection, Mr. Bowlds, through tireless effort,
    challenges, and perseverance has created a business model and platform, never before existing for
    African American entrepreneurs and professionals, which will close the gap and neutralize the system
    of racial discrimination against all merchants, professionals and consumers, participating within the
    African American Connection collecting marketing and consumer shopping web portal platform. Mr.
    Bowlds, through the creation of the AAC has plunged within this historical challenge and is transforming

    the economic landscape within and among the African American merchant and consumer markets. A
    new chapter is dawning within the future of urban economics and will be written due to the pioneering
    spirit and visionary acumen of Mr. Charles Bowlds and the creation of the African American Connection
    (AAC). The future belongs to the African American Connection.

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