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         We made it as simple as 1, 2, 3 !

                Complete the Registration

                 Automatically, your own section, with you own name, is created within the
                 AAC online marketing community and ready for you to build your first
                 webstore, which comes FREE with your registration.
                Check your email/junk or spam mail for your unique enrollment code

                Disseminate this code and encourage the members within your group /
                organization / institution who are interested in either starting their own business;
                or seeking to better promote their existing enterprise using our uniquely crafted
                webstores, which have been meticulously designed to also promote: professional
                service, Commission sales, and Brick n mortar businesses. Even if your members
                already have a website, they will find the AAC marketing platform an ideal place
                to advertise their goods or services.

                When your members join and become active participants within the AAC system,
                as they pay their monthly required AAC membership fees, of $39,95 or $29.95
                (depending on the AAC webstore platform) your group or organization will earn
                $4.95 each and every month thereafter as long as they remain current
                participants. When your organization has enrolled 100 members within your
                group’s AAC platform, your organization’s compensation will thereafter, increase
                to $7.95 each and every month of the member’s participation within the AAC
                collective marketing and business development system.

                Complete the build out of “your” FREE WEBSTORE! Your organization retains 100%
                of the profits earned from your personal store while benefiting from all of the
                training and support features!

                Sign up for our weekly webinars that are designed to assist you with building your
                store, along with answering any of your questions or concerns. All AAC webinars
                and training are conducted right over your computer, within the convenience,
                comfort and safety or your home or office.

               Special training and support in-person AAC workshops can be arranged for any
               CBI with 50 members or more, registered to attend the in-person AAC workshop.

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